Ehrlichia Infection

This free Veterinary CPD Podcast is produced by Davies Veterinary Specialists. Internal medicine specialist Patricia Ibarrola discusses Ehrlichia infection in dogs with Ian Battersby. 

When should we be testing for Ehrlichia? And how likely are  dogs who haven’t travelled to affected regions to be infected? 

There are three clinical stages of Ehrlichia – acute, subclinical and chronic. We hear about the presentation of each and how we might differentiate signs of this disease from others with similar clinical signs. 

Diagnostics early on can be a challenge due to the possibility of false negatives on serology. Ibarrola discusses the timing of testing using serology and PCR and the importance of repeated titre testing to monitor cases. 

Patients presenting in the acute stage often respond well to treatment and fully clear the infection. However, chronic cases present more of a challenge. 

What are the options for these more difficult cases and how should we monitor response to treatment?

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