Cardiovascular CPD

Below are our CPD listings relating to Cardiology. 

In addition to the webinar or podcast duration, note taking time and discussions with colleagues can be logged as CPD and contribute to your annual requirements. 

Webinar recording describing thoracic radiographic changes specific to different heart disease
Webinar recording describing assessment of the heart in thoracic radiographs in cats and dogs

Management of coagulopathy

Diagnostic approach in coagulopathic patients, use of blood products, and the treatment options

Effective CPR

A step-by-step approach on how to perform effective CPR and get your patient back

Whole Blood Transfusions

When do cats and dogs require whole blood transfusion and how to go about it.
What intervention techniques are available for cardiac arrhythmias and how exactly do they work?
Circulatory shock in cats has distinct physiological symptoms when compared to dogs. How and why...
Cardiologist Dave Dickson talks us through his golden rules for dealing with congestive heart failure...