- RCVS's 2020 CPD Revolution -

2020 was a big year for the RCVS and CPD.

In January 1CPD was launched and new rules around annual CPD completion introduced.

Covid-19 Update

In March 2020 the RCVS announced a 25% reduction in CPD requirements for the year due to Covid19.

That’s a reduction from 35 to 26 hours annually for vets, and from 15 to 11 hours annually for RVNs. The reduction also applies to those with Advanced Practitioner Status.

New Annual CPD Rules

In January 2020 the RCVS changed the requirements for CPD from three yearly rolling targets, to yearly targets.

Previously, the requirements were 105 hours for vets, and 45 hours for nurses over a rolling 3 year period. Now veterinary surgeons must complete 35 hours each year, and veterinary nurses 15 hours each year.

According to the RCVS the change aimed to encourage more regular and relevant CPD. Before this, in theory it would have been possible to do an intensive course that covered all of the CPD hours in the space of a few months, and then not have to do any for several years.

As an allowance, in 2020 the RCVS is allowing some of the CPD acquired in 2019 to be carried over. Vets can carry a maximum of 25 hours, and VN’s 10 hours of the excess CPD completed in 2019.

1CPD - Recording Platform

In January 2020 the RCVS launched a new digital application 1CPD which replaced the Professional Development Record (PDR).

The PDR (where CPD was previously logged) is no longer accessible and all of the CPD information held on it has been transferred to 1CPD. 1CPD  is accessible using the same login details as the PDR, and all of the previous data will be ready to view.

Members can either download the app to their mobile phone, or access the web version online. The app and website are synchronised so its possible to alternate between the two.  We recommend the app as the interface is more refined than the website.

CPD - Reflection

Along with the new platform, the RCVS are also encouraging us to reflect more on the CPD that we do. 1CPD gives three areas we are able to write about: how the CPD related to our objectives, key things learnt, and future impact. 

All of this is part of the RCVS’s drive towards encouraging people to think more deeply about how relevant their CPD is as well as what they should focus on going forward. However, there’s still time to get used to this particular change – filling in the reflection section isn’t compulsory until January 2022.  

Get Started

CPD Circle provides a library of free online Veterinary CPD that you can log as part of your RCVS compulsory CPD. Along with the podcast duration, note taking time and discussion of the content with colleagues can be logged as CPD.