Patella Luxation

A summary of this common condition including diagnostics, surgical tips and concurrent cruciate damage

Dental Anatomy and Instruments

Oral anatomy and how it relates to oral surgery and a review of dentistry instrumentarium

Open Fractures: Management

Types of open fractures along with approach to their initial management and definitive treatment.

The Seizing Emergency

Webinar on what to do and what not to forget when seeing an emergency with epileptic seizures

Tooth Extractions

Webinar covering the techniques used for tooth extraction in cats and dogs from a dentistry specialist

Analgesia in Emergency Patients

Webinar recording on the importance of care when giving analgesia to emergency patients

Juvenile lameness in dogs

Approach to juvenile lameness, with plenty of examples and cases of commonly seen problems

Parvovirus: Nutritional Support

Webinar recording on how to provide appropriate nutritional support to patients with parvovirus enteritis