CPD Circle

A Free CPD library new to the Veterinary Profession.

We believe that online veterinary CPD should be free of charge and free of hassle.

For both vets and nurses, with CPD Circle, completing your annual hours is easy.

Quality Improvement

What is Quality Improvement and why is it important according to the RCVS code of professional conduct

Administering Chemotherapy

Minimising risks when administering and handling chemotherapy agents to veterinary patients

Approach to Haematuria

Webinar on the differential diagnosis for haematuria, the diagnostic approach, and the treatment options
Webinar recording on ultrasound assessment of patients with acute abdominal symptoms
Webinar recording describing thoracic radiographic changes specific to different heart disease
Webinar recording discussing the radiographic features of bone tumours and bone infection

Radiographic Lung Patterns

Webinar recording on how to describe and interpret lung patterns in thoracic radiographs
Webinar recording describing assessment of the heart in thoracic radiographs in cats and dogs

Management of coagulopathy

Diagnostic approach in coagulopathic patients, use of blood products, and the treatment options

Radiography: Acute Abdomen

Webinar recording on interpreting radiographs in patients with acute abdominal symptoms

COVID-19 Update

Annual CPD requirements in 2020 changed.

On top of these changes, in March the RCVS announced a 25% reduction in CPD requirements for the year due to Covid-19.

That’s a reduction from 35 to 26 hours annually for vets, and from 15 to 11 hours annually for RVNs.  

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