CPD Circle

Can’t eat, won’t eat: management of inappetent cats

Dr Sam Taylor BVetMed CertSAM DipECVIM-CA MANZCVS(Medicine of Cats) FRCVS talks about inappetence in cats, via the Dechra Academy.

  • Why is inappetence so important in this species?
  • The importance of owner psychology with inappetent cats
  • How to avoid the dread of ‘not eating’ on the consult list
  • How can we take the right history to get to the diagnosis?
  • Cats and people
  • Consequences of poor nutrition – Cats – Owners – Vets
  • Why body condition is so important to prognosis
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Fussy Eaters
  • Management of inappetence – Managing anxiety – Feeding tubes – Appetite stimulants