CPD Circle

Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

This Free Veterinary CPD Podcast is produced by the Vet Times. Dr. Sarah Caney discusses early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats, and the extent to which management of the condition can improve duration and quality of life.

Owners often fail to notice the signs of CKD because of their slow onset, chronic weight loss being the most common.

Early diagnosis is essential to maximise life expenctancy and improve quality of life. Persuading owners to come in for check ups and agree to routine blood testing and urinalysis can be the most difficult part. Dr Sarah Caney explains how she talks to owners about the importance of geriatric care by drawing comparisons with screening tests in human medicine.

Cats with CKD fed a renal diet can live 2-3 times longer, and have improved quality of life. There a many other strategies to manage the condition including medications to suppress the RAAS system and symptomatic treatments.