CPD Circle

Feline Diabetes

This free Veterinary Podcast produced by VetFolio is split into four convenient parts:

Introduction – 15mins:

This section gives us background information on diabetes in cats including an overview of the causes and clinical presentation. Discussion of how best to communicate with owners and talk through the aims of treatment and possible outcomes also features.  

Diagnosis – 11mins:

Diagnosing diabetes in cats is not always straightforward. Here we hear more about what information we should be getting from owners to point us towards diagnosis, and which diagnostic tests to utilise to confirm diagnosis.

Treatment – 14 mins:

Along with discussing the aims of therapy in diabetic cats, we hear more about the management of owners who must play a large role in long-term treatment. Cost, ability, and willingness of the owner all factor in how successful the implementation of any treatment plan is.

Remission – 9 mins:

Find out how likely remission is in cases of feline diabetes and what to expect in cases where it does occur.