CPD Circle


In this Veterinary CPD Podcast produced by the Vet Times, Ian Wright discusses fleas and related issues. 

Flea allergic dermatitis is still the most common skin disease seen in cats. Despite effective treatment available, why are fleas still such a challenge to owners and vets? And are we to quick to name ‘resistance’ as a reason for treatment failure? 

In one study 80% of mammalian wildlife were found to be infested with cat fleas. We hear more about why the adaptability of this parasite means that eliminating an infestation takes a minimum of 3 months, even when every measure is taken. 

Ian Wright argues strongly that every cat and dog should be receiving preventative flea treatment, even those who are confined to the house. We hear more about the vector capabilities of fleas, and which diseases they commonly harbour including bartonellollosis.

Apparent treatment failure is undoubtedly common. But are vets and owners too quick to criticise the produce used and assume resistance? Ian Wright runs through all of the things we should consider in these cases before suspecting resistance.