CPD Circle

Idiopathic Epilepsy – When to start treatment?

Register with Boehringer to gain access to this free CPD webinar led by Colin J Driver (BVetMed BSc MVetMed DipECVN PhD FRCVS) from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists. The contents of this webinar are as follows:

  • The neuron in epilepsy
  • Re-introduction to idiopathic epilepsy – ‘Semiology’ – Aetiology – State of recurrent seizures with no identifiable cause – Breed predispositions
  • Why do we treat epilepsy? – Minimising distress and suffering of patients under your care – Improving the quality of life of pets and their owners – Preventing the progression of uncontrolled epilepsy into refractory epilepsy
  • When should we start treating epilepsy?
  • How can I maximise my chances of seizure control? – Choose the right time to start treatment – Define the goals of treatment – Manage the expectations of the owner – Improve the compliance of the owner – Select and use AEDs effectively
  • What are the benefits of newer anti-epileptic drugs? – Efficacy – Tolerability – Reduced necessity to serially assess liver parameters