CPD Circle

Integrative Dentistry

What is integrative veterinary dentistry? We find out in this free Veterinary CPD produced by the Pure Animal Podcast

Rather than using practice wide protocols Dr Matthew Muir aims for individualised treatment plans that consider the patient as a whole. 

Persuading owners to brush their dogs teeth at all, let alone twice a day, can be challenging. Dr Muir shares useful advice on how to navigate dental care with owners. He makes the noteworthy point that even if it takes a decade for owners to achieve optimal tooth brushing, it’s a worthwhile endeavour given that dental disease incidence will peak in later life. 

We hear tips on using massage and acupuncture pressure points to ensure this activity is part of a positive experience between owner and pet and enhances their relationship rather than jeopardising it. 

The latest information on the use of oral gels and diet is also discussed. Dr Muir explores how to optimise the oral microbiome and improve gut health as part of an integrative approach to dentistry.

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