CPD Circle

Rabbits: Lethargy and Gut Stasis

When a rabbit goes off its food and is quieter than normal, there could be any number of things going on. So where do you start?

In this free Veterinary CPD Podcast produced by the Cone of Shame Veterinary Podcasts, exotics specialist Dr. Laurie Hess and Dr Andy Roark discuss how to approach a rabbit presenting with lethargy and inappetence. Taking a good history is especially important when dealing with rabbits, partly because their diet is often inappropriate.

Handling rabbits can be a challenge given their nature – Dr Laurie Hess shares some excellent tips to get the most out of clinical examination. GI stasis is one of the most commonly diagnosed problems in rabbits, but it is often not the primary problem. Hear more about how to treat this condition and the importance of fluid therapy in getting the gut moving again.

Once resolved, it’s time to investigate the underlying cause. 

Finally, a word on preventative health care in rabbits, and the importance of encouraging owners to bring their rabbits in for regular check ups.