CPD Circle

Probiotics and the Microbiome

In this Free Veterinary CPD Podcast produced by Pure Animal Podcast Dr Caroline Moeser talks about gut health and the exciting new field of the microbiome in veterinary medicine. 

Dr Moeser discusses her research in Guide dogs in which she has found that probiotic use has led to a decreased incidence of diarrhoea and fewer cases of atopic dermatitis. In humans the gut-brain axis and influence of the microbiome on mental health is becoming more established.

How relevant is this to veterinary medicine? Other than probiotics, what can be done to improve microbiome health? And is microbiome analysis likely to become more mainstream in dogs? 

Dr Moeser has first hand experience of using faecal transplants in dogs – we hear more about how this process works and what the benefits are.

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