CPD Circle

Short Clip: Large Dog Closed Castration

It’s a short one! This webinar shows us how to castrate large dogs via a closed technique. This webinar is produced by VetToVet. In this method, the vet shows how they:

  • Grab the testicle and push it cranially
  • While putting tension on the skin, incise
  • Create a window
  • Grab the testicle and pull cranially to stretch out the ligament and release the testicle
  • Keep stretching out the cord to release all the connective tissue
  • Clean the cord as much as possible
  • Double-Triple ligate before cutting
  • Repeat on second testicle
  • Closure
  • Tips on reducing the risk of haematomas
    • Keep the cord clean
    • Remove most of the fat before placing a ligature
    • Close using medium sized bites