CPD Circle

Using Appetite Stimulants

This free Veterinary CPD Podcast is produced byVetFolio. Internal medicine specialist Dr Jessica Pritchard talks through how to approach feline and canine patients that are inappetent.

When exactly should we start worrying about anorexia in cats and dogs? Dr Pritchard gives the following guidelines: cats that have not eaten for 3 days, pets with protein losing diseases, and pets with a loss of 5-10% of body weight acutely.  The first step with these patients is trying to identify the underlying problem and ruling out gastrointestinal obstructions. 

We hear how Dr Pritchard investigates these cases and the three conditions under which she advises using appetite stimulants.  Two appetite stimulants, capromorelin and mirtazapine, are discussed including dosages and administration, along with drug options for managing nausea. 

Lastly, what do you do next when a patient isn’t responding to appetite stimulants