CPD Circle

Anxiety in Dogs

Is there a correlation between the rise in mental illness in children and in dogs? Could epigenetics play a role? In the CPD produced by Pure Animal Podcast we hear from Dr Kathy Cornack who is a Holistic Vet and Veterinary Behaviourist.

She believes that the right education could help reduce the number of euthanasias brought about by behavioural problems in dogs. In this podcast she explores the possible causes for the increase in behavioural issues vets are being presented with in practice, discussing owner education, epigenetics and diet. 

We hear more about how Dr Cornack approaches cases of anxiety, and how best to combine environmental with behavioural modification techniques. Is there stigma around the use of pharmaceuticals to manage behavioural cases? Do clients recoil when antidepressants are suggested?

The podcast covers this along with a discussion on how to talk with owners about judicious medical management before and during treatment. Finally we hear how Dr Cornack manages owner expectations and how to decide when euthanasia is the most appropriate option.