CPD Circle

Emergency & Critical Care: Feline Dyspnoea

In this free webinar produced by the London Vet Specialists, Dr Sam Stewart discusses:

  • Recognition of dyspnoea and initial triage
  • Review of common respiratory emergencies
  • Basic Pathophysiology
  • Targeted physical exam and diagnostics
  • Initial stabilisation and treatment
  • Long-term management

In this free webinar produced by Veterinary Specialists Scotland, and presented by Alexandra Ferreira DVM (Hons) Neurology/Neurosurgery, we get back to basics with the Neurological Examination. The webinar includes: 

  • Introduction
    • Back to Basics
  • Neurological Examination
    • Neuro-localisation vs other systems
  • CNS anatomy
  • Neuro-localisation
  • UMN vs LMN
  • Bladder Dysfunction in Neurological Patients
  • Grading Spinal Cord Lesions