CPD Circle

Jaw Fractures

This free veterinary CPD Podcast is produced by Clinician’s Brief. Host, Beckie Mossor (RVT) talks to orthopaedic and soft tissue specialist Dr Jonathan Miller about how to approach jaw fractures in first opinion practice.

Why do jaw fractures sometimes go unnoticed by clients and how should vets go about diagnosing them? Dr Miller talks through the most common causes of jaw fractures including RTA’s and bites. He also discusses how frequent iatrogenic jaw fractures are during dental procedures?

In cats and small dogs dental radiograph plates can be used to identify and assess jaw fractures. In medium and larger dogs it is better to do a full set of mandibular films. Dr Miller talks through which positions are necessary to properly assess these patients.

Jaw fractures range in complexity with some only needing a wire that can be done by many GPs, to others needing specialist referral surgery. What is the prognosis for various fracture types? And what considerations are there when thinking about performing a mandibulectomy?

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