CPD Circle


In this veterinary CPD podcast produced by Davies Veterinary Specialists, Ian Battersby and Patricia Ibarrola discuss leptospirosis in cats and dogs. 

Firstly we get to grips with the autonomy of leptospira from genus to species to serova to strain. We don’t often see clinical disease in cats but seroprevalence studies have found they can be antibody positive showing that they do become exposed.

Leptospira has also been found in cat urine demonstrating their ability to act as reservoir host and studies show cats with CKD have a higher incidence of seropositivity than cats without CKD.

Next we hear more about how leptospirosis cases commonly present clinically with discussion covering acute kidney injury, acute cholestatic hepatopathy, and pulmonary haemorrhage. When is it best to use which test for leptospirosis?

We can opt for PCR testing on urine or on blood, or serological testing. Dr Ibarrola recommends when each test is most useful and how to interpret results in light of possible carriers and dogs already on antibiotics.

Antibiotics form the mainstay of treatment – which should we use and for how long? Is repeat testing advisable? Finally we hear about the reaction rate to L2 and L4 vaccinations according to the VMD, and how best to practice barrier nursing in suspected and confirmed cases.