CPD Circle

Companion Animal Ophthalmology

In this podcast produced by the Vet Times, ophthalmology specialist Mike Rhodes begins by discussing some of the breed predispositions for ophthalmic disease including brachycephalics and terriers.

Referral for cataract surgery in diabetic patients is often delayed until the diabetes is under control – Rhodes explains that with dogs who are rapidly developing cataracts it’s safer to refer them for surgery sooner rather than later. This is to reduce the risk of the cataracts causing lens induced uveitis which if left unchecked can cause irreversible damage that reduces the success rate of cataract surgery.

Next we have some guidance around ophthalmology referrals – often a single examination from a specialist can give a definitive diagnosis without any additional testing costs, and treatment can be carried out by the referring vet with minimal additional expenditure.

Corneal cross linking has improved the prognosis for several ophthalmic conditions. We hear more about how it is being used in corneal melt cases, in combination with corneal transposition grafts, and its role in treating bullous keratopathy in older dogs.

Finally a word on retinal reattachment surgery which is being increasingly performed with good success rates. Related Podcast: