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Pre-Anaesthetic Maropitant Use

In this podcast produced by Vetfolio, Dr. Tamara Grubb, boarded anaesthesiologist argues that maropitant citrate (Cerenia) should be a used routinely as part of pre-anaesthetic protocols. She lists 5 reasons to support this and expands on each in detail.

The first, and obvious reason is the role of maropitant citrate as a potent antiemetic. This has numerous benefits, and is especially important with brachycephalic who are at increased risk of aspiration pneumonia.

Preventing vomiting also avoids the associated increase in intracranial and extra cranial pressure which is particularly useful when dealing with corneal ulcers.

Secondly, by preventing vomiting, we avoid the pain associated with it, in particular the abdominal pain. 

Thirdly, there is evidence that with pre-anaesthetic maropitant citrate, recovery is smoother, with less vocalisation and decreased random movement.

Fourth, one study found that over 90% of dogs given cerenia were eating normally 20 hours post-operatively, compared to only 42% in the control group. 

Lastly, improving post operative recovery and decreasing vomiting, leads to increased staff efficiency and higher job satisfaction as the perceived negative impact of anaesthesia on patients is lower. Finally we hear more about timing and dosage of maropitant citrate, and in which patients we may want to avoid its use.

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