CPD Circle

Rabbit Dermatology

Dr. Joerg Mayer leads this free Veterinary CPD Webinar on Rabbit Dermatology, produced by AEMV In this CPD webinar we hear about Rabbit Dermatology and how to apply this diagnostic model to other small animals:

  • Rabbits
    • Special considerations and features
  • Diagnosis, causes, treatment and prevention of:
    • Abscesses: including why might treat as a pseudo-tumour
    • Cellulitis
    • Moist Dermatitis
    • Fleas
    • Flystrike
    • Cuterebra species
    • Environmental diseases (ulcerative pododermatitis)
    • Rabbit Syphilis
    • Fungal Disease
    • Myxomatosis
    • Ear Mites (P. cuniculi)
    • Self-mutilation/Barbering
    • Fur chewing/plugging
    • Neoplasia