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Seizure Medication – Levetiracetam Breakthrough

This free Veterinary CPD is produced by Dr Andy Roark from the Cone of Shame Veterinary Podcasts. Neurologist Dr. Carrie Jurney discusses how to deal with a dog who starts having seizures while on levetiracetam. Is it best to increase the levetiracetam dose first or add in other medications to try to control seizure frequency?

And should one drug be stopped before starting another? Dr Carrie Jurney discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of levetiracetam (Keppra), and how she approaches dosing and levetiracetam-phenobarbital combinations.

Finally, some advice on how to best manage these cases in a way that doesn’t put excess strain on owners, in particular recommendations on drug level monitoring and blood work.

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