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Vestibular Disease

In this podcast produced by Clinician’s Brief, Professor Simon Platt (BVM&S, DACVIM (Neurology), DECVN, FRCVS RCVS) talks about vestibular disease in cats and dogs. He starts with a thorough explanation of how to differentiate central from peripheral disease on first presentation and when to suspect idiopathic disease.

He runs us through what to look out for during clinical examination including weakness, proprioceptive deficits, nystagmus and cranial nerve deficits. Then he explains how to remember the possible underlying causes of vestibular disease using the VITAMIN D pneumonic. Vestibular disease often involves a protracted diagnostic work up making client communication particularly important in these cases.

Dr Platt explains how he goes about reassuring clients to reduce stress. Treat what’s treatable – next we hear more about how to approach treatment. For idiopathic cases this is often limited to symptomatic therapy and time. In others, the clinical examination and owners financial situation guide whether the next step is further investigations or treatment trials.

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