CPD Circle

Asymptomatic Lymphoma

This free Veterinary CPD is produced by the Cone of Shame Veterinary Podcasts. Oncologist Dr. Sue Ettinger and Dr Andy Roark discuss the case of a seven year old dog with lymphoma, who is asymptomatic.

Which lymph nodes are the best ones to aspirate in a dog with suspected lymphoma? And how quickly after diagnosis should we be encouraging owners to proceed if they decide to treat this disease?

Many owners are reluctant for their pets to undergo chemotherapy, and initially rule it out as an option. Dr Sue Ettinger gives us the stats on survival times with and without treatment, and how likely side effects are with chemotherapy for lymphoma. Which tests are the most useful? And with limited finances which should be prioritised?

Finally, if owners definitely do not want chemotherapy, when should you start prednisolone?

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