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Mast Cell Tumour Margins

Three centimetre Mast Cell Tumour on a dog’s paw? How do you treat that? This Free Veterinary CPD is produced by Dr. Andy Roark from the Cone of Shame Veterinary Podcasts. Oncology specialist Dr Sue Ettinger discusses how to approach Mast Cell Tumours in practice focusing on those in awkward places.

Surgery remains the gold standard treatment. But should you stage before surgery or after? When tumours are too large to remove with good margins due to their location, Dr Ettinger discusses possible options including pre-surgery chemotherapy and grafts.

Hear more about an exciting new treatment: Stelfonta (tigilanol tiglate) which is injected into mast cell tumours and has shown a response rate of 80%. And what’s Sue Ettinger’s advice on using antihistamines long term for dogs with mast cell tumours?

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