CPD Circle

Canine Lymphoma: Tanovea

This free Veterinary CPD is produced by VetFolio. Dr Cassi talks to oncologist Sue Ettinger about the new drug Tanovea CA1 (Rabacfosadine) designed specifically for the treatment of canine lymphoma. 

How effective is Tanovea? How is it administered and how often? Can it be combined with other drugs? 

Sue Ettinger runs through the results of the studies we have on Tanovea and the response rates in patients. One study includes dogs that have undergone prior chemotherapy and another involves alternating between Tanovea and doxorubicin. 

In which cases would Tanovea be a good option? What side effects are there and how commonly do they present? And which breed is Tanovea not licensed in and why?

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