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Congenital vertebral malformations

This free Veterinary Webinar is produced by Cave Veterinary Specialists with Simon Bertram, EBVS European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology Simon Bertram discusses the congenital vertebral malformations sometimes seen in Brachycephalic breeds.

He begins by discussing the ‘screw-tail’ and references publications that have considered the incidence of body and tail malformations in different brachycepahalic breeds. 

We then hear more about the following congenital vertebral malformations including treatment options: atlantoaxial instability/subluxation, neural tube closure defects, transitional vertebra, and vertebral body malformations.

Congenital vertebral malformations in Brachycephalic breeds – Part 1 from Linnaeus Veterinary Group on Vimeo.

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