CPD Circle

Tooth Extractions

This free Veterinary Webinar is produced by Eastcott Referrals with Peter Southerden (European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry).

In this webinar recording Peter Southerden describes the techniques used for tooth extraction in cats and dogs.

What are the indications for tooth extraction? What is the definition of an ‘open extraction’ and a ‘closed extraction’? What analgesia is advisable in these patients? How do dental radiographs inform our decisions? How do we best utilise dental equipment when performing tooth extractions?

Then we hear in detail how to perform the following: mucoperiosteal flaps, alveolectomy, tooth sectioning, elevating/luxating, extractoin, alveoplasty, periostela releasing incision.

Also included is useful video footage demonstrating tooth extraction in cats. Finally, we hear more about post-operative care and possible complications.

Exodontics – Tooth Extraction in cats and dogs from Linnaeus Veterinary Group on Vimeo.

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