CPD Circle

Feline Azotaemia and Ureteric obstructions

This free Veterinary CPD Webinar is produced by Eastcott Referrals with Internal Medicine Specialist, Vanessa Woolhead. In this CPD webinar Woolhead uses a case example to discuss the following:

  1. Pre-renal vs Post-renal Azotemia
  2. Urea, Creatinine and SDMA
  3. Staging Chronic Kidney Disease
  4. CKD: Prognostic Indicators
  5. Acute Kidney Injury – Four Phases
  6. Fluid Therapy
  7. Abdominal Ultrasound
  8. Ureteral Obstruction
  9. SUB (Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypass)

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Eastcott CPD Webinar – Feline azotaemia and ureteric obstructions from Linnaeus Veterinary Group on Vimeo.