Radiographic Lung Patterns

Webinar recording on how to describe and interpret lung patterns in thoracic radiographs

Management of coagulopathy

Diagnostic approach in coagulopathic patients, use of blood products, and the treatment options

Radiography: Acute Abdomen

Webinar recording on interpreting radiographs in patients with acute abdominal symptoms

Fever of Unknown Origin

Webinar recording on the causes of ‘fever of unknown origin’ and how best to manage these cases

Common Veterinary Toxicities

Webinar recording on toxicities commonly encountered in veterinary patients and how to manage them

Geriatric Veterinary Anaesthesia

Is it too risky? Webinar discussing the anaesthetic considerations when dealing with older cats and dogs

Effective CPR

A step-by-step approach on how to perform effective CPR and get your patient back

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