Corneal Ulceration in Dogs - To Debride or Not to Debride

Dr Katherine Edith (BVSc (Hons) BSc PgDip VCP MRCVS) and Dr Dave Johnson (BVSc MRCVS) discuss the different types of corneal ulceration, the assessment and ancillary tests for ulcers and how to treat simple ulcers and SCCEDs. 

  • The webinar begins with the structure and function of the cornea as well as normal corneal healing.
  • We hear about the different types of ulcers and how to recognise them:
  1. Simple superficial ulcers
  2. SCCEDs
  3. Stromal ulcers,
  4. Descemetoceles
  5. Melting ulcers
  • Dr Dave Johson advises on the initial assessment of the cornea. He then goes on to discuss how to perform an ophthalmic exam from the hands-off approach all the way to specific tests and investigations.
  • We learn about why and how to take the best photos for monitoring and/or referral purposes. 
  • Dr Katherine Edith teaches us about the treatment of simple ulcers and how this may differ with SCCEDs
  • Cotton bud debridement
  • Diamond burr debridement
  • We find out when we must never debride an ulcer and are finally advised on when we should refer a patient with a corneal ulcer

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