CPD Circle

Cushing’s: Owner Communication

This free Veterinary CPD is produced by VetFolio. Dr Audrey Cooke talks about what can often be the most challenging part of dealing with hyperadrenocorticism – communicating with owners. Dr Cooke gives loads of helpful tips about how to prepare owners for what can be a tortuous diagnostic procedure and minimise the risk of client frustration.

When you first suspect Cushing’s, how much detail should you go into about the pathology of the disease? Should you mention how many tests may be needed, the differences between adrenal and pituitary dependent Cushings, or the possibility of adrenal necrosis? How do you strike the balance between not overloading clients with information, and not patronising them?

In this podcast Dr Cooke shares tips on exactly how to discuss diagnostics as well as how to approach owners who are reluctant to pursue investigations. She explains how she takes into consideration the likelihood of an adrenal tumour (which varies with dog size) and how that affects her recommendations to owners.

Cost can be another stumbling block for owners when it comes to managing Cushing’s. Dr Cooke talks about making sure the whole team is on board and that staff are encouraged to focus on patient progress and response to medication rather than the price of the pills.

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