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Dermatophytosis – Ringworm in Cats and Dogs

This free Veterinary CPD Podcast is produced by The Derm Vet Podcast. Dermatologist Dr. Ashley Bourgeois gives a 10 minute run through of ringworm in cats and dogs.


We hear more about how ringworm might present in practice and how it often doesn’t appear as a classic ’round’ lesion. Once a case is confirmed it’s important to test other household pets even if they show no signs as they may be carriers.

Dr Bourgeois runs through the ‘Mackenzie toothbrush’ technique for when there is no obvious lesion to sample. Three main species of ringworm are seen in cats and dogs with microsporum canis being the most common. We hear more about each of them and how speciation can indicate how the pet may have got infected. 

What are the pros and cons of PCR and culture? Does biopsy ever have a role? And how does Dr Bourgeois go about treating cases once confirmed? Some cases may not respond well to treatment – find out why might this be and what underlying conditions should be considered. 

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