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Dermatology Drug Choices

Apoquel, Cytopoint, Atopica or steroids? With so many options to choose from when treating dermatology cases, what factors guide which drug is prescribed first?

This free Veterinary CPD Podcast is produced by The Derm Vet Podcast. Dermatology specialist Ashley Bourgeois talks through her thought process when treating various cases that require anti-itch medication. 

Dr Bourgeois advises that allergen specific immunotherapy remains the safest and most natural way to treat atopic dermatitis. Unlike the drug options we have, immunotherapy has the capacity to reverse the pathogenesis of allergies and so should always be considered as part of a management plan.

Apoquel is fast acting and can be started and stopped quickly. This makes it particularly versatile and especially useful to control itching while an underlying cause is treated, for example flea or mite infestations. 

Cytopoint, unlike apoquel, can be used in any age of dog and alongside other medications because of its highly specific mechanism of action.

Atopica is an older drug but still well worth stocking. It’s often used in cats and can be effective in dogs with other autoimmune conditions. 

Corticosteroids, despite their side effects are still very effective and in some cases the only thing that seems to work. 

Find out why you might choose one over the other and how you might combine these drugs to increase efficacy. 

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