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Epitheliotropic Lymphoma

This free Veterinary Webinar is produced by North Downs Specialist Referrals with Michael Macfarlane. In the webinar recording about epitheliotropic lymphoma Michael Macfarlane discusses the following:

  • Aetiology and Predisposition
  • Oral/Mucocutaneous Presentation
  • Non-oral presentation progression
  • When to suspect epitheliotropic lymphoma
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Making a diagnosis
  • Is Typing useful?
  • Is Staging useful?
  • Treatment of Oral lesions
  • Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy
  • Medical Treatment: Retinoid, Safflower Oil, Steroids, CCNU
  • Using Lomustine
  • Case Examples

NDSR Webinar Series – Epitheliotropic Lymphoma with Michael Macfarlane from Linnaeus Veterinary Group on Vimeo.

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